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Even More About CreepyJourneys

I will be doing many stories, but the one thing I want to do most is Creepy Backstories. These spooky noodles are killers. I personally believe they are real, for I have seen one with my own eyes (and no, not on the internet.) I love their backstories so much that they inspired me to write about them and draw them as well. Feel free to comment on this post for what I can improve on and what I did well with! I want to take on this creepy journey with you all. Thank you so much!


The Evolution of Creepy Journeys

This is a blog dedicated to my stories.  I will post full stories in installments as well as feature short stories along the way.  Most stories will be mine but I may also feature other authors – we all help one another.  My current style of writing is “creepy” fun.  I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments!