Jeff The Killer (part two)

The boys left for school after Jeff had stabbed two of the gang members. Jeff had felt good about his naughty actions. This was the beginning of “Jeff The Killer.” All day, Jeff had been smiling insanely, making Liu worry. Jeff was at the point where he would stab even a cat.

Later in evening, Jeff had arrived at home. His mother asked how his day went. He responded with “It was wonderful.” His mother was happy that he had a great day…though she was worried that something was wrong. Jeff lie in his bed thinking about his day, a grin spread across his face. His mother checked in on him.
“Is everything alright?” She asked in a motherly tone.
“Of course.” Jeff answered calmly.
“Well, get some rest. You have a full day of school tomorrow.”
“Yeah. I will,” Jeff sighed as he responded to his mother’s orders. “I’m just thinking about what I’ll wear tomorrow.”
“Ok, sweetie. Just let me know if you need anything.” His mother told him. He nodded.

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