Jeff The Killer (part one)

It was summer and the Woods family just moved into a new small town. The neighbor across the street asked if the Boys, Jeff Woods and Liu Woods, if they would like to go to the neighbor’s son’s birthday party on Sunday. Before Jeff and Liu could respond, Mrs. Woods said “They’d love to!” Jeff was about to criticize his mother about it, but his mother looked at him. Jeff and Liu took their belongings upstairs to their new rooms and relaxed the rest of the day. Jeff got a split headache and saw a strange figure with a white hoodie and a knife in one hand.

“Ugh…what was that?” Jeff asked himself before shrugging it off and going to sleep for the night.

The next morning, Monday, was the first day of school for Jeff and Liu. The boys were eating breakfast, when Jeff felt that same fiery feel inside as last night. Jeff spaced out for a moment, but was interrupted by Liu, “Come on, dude. We gotta get going.” Jeff nodded, grabbed his backpack and lunch, then headed out the door with Liu.

The boys were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the bus when a skateboard nearly hit their heads. “Hey! What was that for!?” Liu shouted at the skateboarder.

“Ya know, there’s always a price to pay from the new kids.” The skateboarder said to Liu and Jeff.

“Who are you, punks!?” Jeff asked in a harsh tone.

“You don’t need to know that.”

There it was again, the burning feeling, the figure with the bloodstained hoodie. The gang pulled out knives and closed in on the Jeff and Liu. Jeff got in front of Liu, who was now standing, and put up his arms so that he was blocking Liu. Jeff was about to get stabbed, when he broke the leader’s wrist. He took the knife and stabbed the leader. He upper-cut another gang member and moved on to the bigger boy. Jeff punched the big one in the stomach, making him puke. A resident of that street ran over to the gang and called the cops.

“Jeff, we gotta go.” Liu told him, grabbing his hand and running to school.

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