Laughing Jack

It was a long week for the Grossman family. It was almost Christmas and nobody had money for gifts. Issac’s mother and father had been fighting in the kitchen for almost an hour. Issac was sitting with his relatives by the fireplace, when his grandmother gave him a toy. It was a Jack-In-The-Box that his grandmother and grandfather crafted from scratch. Issac opened the wrapped toy and his face lit with excitement. He hasn’t opened a present in his life, so this made him joyful.

The next day, Issac was feeling something strange. Bloodlust. He felt the need to kill. So, he did. He killed his family in an instant. Jack is like a rag doll, stuffed. Laughing Jack is the spirit of a toy. Even though Jack was astonished when he saw Issac’s actions, Jack had rage. Jack became bigger to an adult size. And so, Jack took after Issac and slaughtered Issac along with kids from five to ten years old just because Issac was ten years old when he opened the serial killer that’s named today as Laughing Jack.


Laughing Jack:

Theme Song: Pop Goes The Weasel

Clothing: Striped Sleeves, Overalls. Furry Shoulder Pads. Bandages Around Stomach. Black Boots.

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